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Leather Tanning

Leather Tanning
Leather used by Hidebound in the manufacture of beer tankards, jacks and wine goblets, is all cow hide and UK sourced. The strongest part of a cow hide is the shoulder which also has the added advantage of many wrinkles and other features which are attractive in the finished product. However, the hide cannot be used until it has been tanned. From early medieval times until the start of the 19th Century, there was an average of four leather tanneries in each town in the Bri[..]

A history of Leather Tankards and Hidebound.

We are often asked what prompted us to make such unusual products. There are many reasons, the main one being that not many other people make them, and we wanted to keep the tradition alive. The idea started when we first saw leather tankards and wine goblets made by another person who, tragically, died a year later. The concept intrigued us, and we experimented making them ourselves. Many months later a reasonable representation of the original resulted but it certainly was not saleable. W[..]

A Brief History of Leather Drinking Vessels

The long history of leather drinking vessels stretches from ancient times to the Crimean War. Moulded leather vessels dating back to ancient Egyptian times have been found and a relief carving on Rekmire Tomb clearly resembles a leather bottle complete with stitching. An early Nubian predynastic grave has revealed a leather vessel at the head of the occupant where a pottery one would normally be found.
Moving to western Europe, in 1848 a silver lipped leather cup was found near Buxton.

Complete Your Medieval Look with A Leather Tankard

If you enjoy live action role playing as a medieval character, there’s no better way to complete your look than with a leather tankard from Hidebound.
But that’s not all. These drinking vessels serve a variety of other purposes as well.
Traditional designs
The design of these traditional drinking vessels dates back to the early medieval period when drinking vessels were made from leather.
The drinking vessels offered by Hidebound are made from real leather that is hardene[..]

Relive a Bygone Era with a Leather Tankard

Want to travel back in time? Relive a bygone era with a leather tankard from Hidebound Ltd. These traditional drinking vessels convey the historic, rustic look of the old country, and are sure to transport you to another time.
Drinking vessels made from leather have been in use since the early medieval period. They were considered practical, durable, and did their job of holding drinks well.
Leather has been widely available throughout history, so it made sense to create all sorts of items[..]

Make Your Next Dungeons & Dragons Party a Hit with These Leather Tankards

If you’re interested in adding some interesting props to your Dungeons & Dragons parties, you should consider getting some leather tankards from Hidebound. They are modelled on various leather drinking vessels used from the medieval period onwards and could be great additions to your next Dungeon & Dragons party.
These leather drinking vessels are as functional as they are stylish. Their intriguing traditional appearance is sure to draw the attention of your group’s other [..]

Serve Your Homebrew in a Leather Tankard, Goblet, Jack, or Bombard

Homebrewing has been popular since the 1960’s; back when people attempted to brew the most affordable beer to save money. However, the current homebrewing craze of the 21st century is populated by enthusiasts seeking to produce the best quality beer they can using the limited resources at their disposal.
Homebrewing enthusiasts around the globe take great pride in brewing unique and interesting varieties of beer using fresh and local ingredients. Presenting your homebrew to others can b[..]

Leather Tankards Handmade in Barnard Castle

Barnard Castle is the home of Hidebound. Our delightful town has not changed much after so many Cummings and goings and is still a pleasant place to work and live. This is particularly so after we realised that there is so much visual benefit in the town which had never previously been known locally. It takes national news to make one understand that your hometown can hold its head up high without the help of spectacles. It also makes the point that there are so many opticians in the town wh[..]

The Best Beverages to Serve in a Leather Drinking Vessel

Leather drinking vessels have been regaining popularity over the years. The vessels which were incredibly popular from early medieval times have become a recent hit with live action role players, historians, or just folk who would like to enjoy a bit of that old country feel while sipping on their favourite tipple.
The leather drinking vessels from Hidebound, based in the historic Market town of Barnard Castle, can certainly provide you with the feel of a traditional drinking experience. Howe[..]

Add Some Rustic Character to Your Home Bar With These Beer Tankards Made From Leather

Everyone dreams of owning a home bar at some point. They offer a tempting refuge for people within their own homes, and function as a nucleus for social gatherings.

People often customize their home bars with items and memorabilia that reflect their tastes and hobbies. You could spend months perusing through a variety of styles and designs for your home bar, in search of a layout that’s both functional and unique, before settling on one that fits your preferences.

Some peop[..]