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The Best Beverages to Serve in a Leather Drinking Vessel

Our historically based Leather drinking vessels can hold any cold liquid

Leather drinking vessels have been regaining popularity over the years. The vessels which were incredibly popular from early medieval times have become a recent hit with live action role players, historians, or just folk who would like to enjoy a bit of that old country feel while sipping on their favourite tipple.

The leather drinking vessels from Hidebound, based in the historic Market town of Barnard Castle, can certainly provide you with the feel of a traditional drinking experience. However, to make your experience feel even more authentic, you should consider serving these traditional old country drinks in your leather drinking vessel.


During medieval times, water was not entirely pure and most people of most ages drank “small beer”, or low strength ale or beer to combat any contamination.

Small beer was widely consumed in medieval Europe. The beer which was believed to contain 2.5% to 3% alcohol by volume was consumed frequently at dinner tables.

Some low strength beers categorized as “small beer” are still commercially available today. These can be served in one of Hidebound’s leather medieval jacks which feature sturdy handles and come in pint and half pint sizes.

Medieval ales were brewed without using hops. Instead they used other bittering agents such as ragwort, sweet gale, mugwort, or yarrow among others. These bittering agents were collectively known as gruit. Some craft breweries are known to produce gruit ales, so they may be worth buying and serving in your leather tankard from Hidebound at your next medieval themed party.


Wines were produced in various regions in medieval Europe where grapes could be grown. The quality of wines varied due to factors such as the grape pressing used, the grape variety, and length of time the wine was aged for. 

Wine of the highest quality was made using the first pressings of grapes. This wine was usually reserved for nobles, while other wines produced from the second and third grape pressings were consumed by the lower classes.

Red wines such as Pinot Noir were believed to have existed in the middle-ages. This variety is still available today, and would be perfect to serve in one of Hidebound’s wine goblets that features a sturdy base.


Cider has been widely produced throughout history.  The process of making cider and wine is fermentation, while ales and beers are brewed, and spirits are distilled.

Ciders were widely fermented during the medieval period. Monasteries kept large apple orchards in order to try and monopolise the production of cider, that production peaked in the seventeenth century. Early English cider was drier and stronger than modern day cider and was made using bittersweet crab apples.

Cider of this style may not be available today as the crab apple variety they were fermented from no longer exists. However, you could still serve any modern cider in any one of Hidebound`s many drinking vessel designs.

These are just a few of the drinks you can serve in your leather drinking vessel. The drink options are limited by only your imagination. So get traditional at your next medieval themed party with a leather drinking vessel from Hidebound Ltd.