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Hidebound at Manchester Christmas Market & Bury St Edmunds Christmas Fayre 2017

Once again that time of year has rolled around. It’s Christmas time. Hidebound are already in our traditional spot at the wonderful Manchester Christmas Market which runs every day until 21st December. http://www.manchester.gov.uk/info/500241/christmas_markets
I'm here in Albert Square with all of my leather tankards, leather goblets (I'm still not sure why people call them chalices) and leather Jacks. Manchester Christmas Market runs until 21st December and is open every day from 10am[..]

Ideal, unusual Presents and Gifts and clever thinking.

With Father’s Day just around the corner our thoughts turn to the unusual gifts that our leather tankards seem to become.
We used to know that the ideal present for a woman was definitely a leather wine goblet. Nowadays, ladies appear happy to drink out of either a wine goblet or a leather tankard. Personal preference, of course but the trend is striking from our point of view. However, the ideal and unusual present for a man is still a large leather tankard or leather jack.
That [..]

When is a pint not a pint.

Hidebound`s sale of leather tankards and leather leather jacks covers a very wide range of customers which inevitably includes historic re-enacters. We have had complaints that we mark all our vessels with a Hidebound stamp and that they would prefer no markings so as not to compromise their hobby. Our answer tends to surprise them.
William of Orange, being the William III we hand carve in to the body of some our tankards, was the first monarch to legalise the measured pint in England. Ho[..]

What is Leather?

What is leather? It seems to be an easy question to answer but that has not always been the case. The Leather Sellers Guild was formed in 1215 to cover all aspects of leather products, producers and tanners. Early the following century, there were arguments between leather jack makers and glove and hat makers. It was argued that because gloves and hats were made from much finer leather than the leather used for jacks and leather tankards, it followed that glove and hat makers were of a much [..]

Drinking Vessel Names. Piggin Whistle or the Pig and Whistle?

Over the years, we've gathered many stories and pieces of knowledge about drinking vessels from all kinds of sources and we have always wondered what to do with this information.
After all we find this interesting (for obvious reasons) but would anybody else?
This blog seems to be a good way to bring all these bits and pieces of information together for anyone who may be interested.
So, let's start with the Piggin Whistle.
Leather drinking vessels enjoyed many different names in vari[..]

Christmas Fayres and Markets - 2016

Hidebound is attending two Christmas markets this year, Manchester Christmas Market (we’ll be in Albert Square) from 10th November to 21st December http://www.manchester.gov.uk/christmasmarkets
We’re also attending Bury St Edmunds Christmas Fayre, (we’ll be on Angel Hill) from 24th – 27th November http://www.burystedmundschristmasfayre.co.uk/
Christmas Markets have a long history in Europe and particularly Germany. One of the first in the UK was Lincoln, still oper[..]

For Christmas what do you buy the man or woman who has everything?

Would they like a traditional British leather drinking vessel?
Historically, most people would have used leather, pewter or wooden drinking vessels, only the very wealthy could have afforded glass. Possibly even only Royalty. Even then sometimes a household would possibly only have owned one very special glass which would have been passed around the worthy members of the household, as it was so precious, and breakable. Maybe seven years of bad luck came about because glass (and therefore mirr[..]

What is a Stein?

Have you ever wondered what a beer Stein is? It's an English description of a tankard from Germany.
In German "stein" means stone, but in English, a stein has come to be known as a drinking vessel designed to contain beer.
Historically a German stein would most typically have had a lid attached. Historically it was believed this was necessary to keep out the "bad air" that was thought to carry the plague in the 14th Century. They could be made of many things including glass, pewter or ston[..]

Unusual, Individual Wedding Gifts, Presents for the Wedding Party

We often sell leather drinking vessels as unusual wedding presents. An engraved Tankard or Jack for the groom and best man, and as presents for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Perhaps a Goblet, engraved with initials and the date of the wedding for the bride. It is becoming such an established thing that we are shortly hoping to attend a wedding market in Barnard Castle.[..]

Happy Customers

It's lovely to be reminded from time to time, by happy customers, jut how unusual and original our Tankards and Jacks (and everything else) really are. Sometimes it happens face to face over our counter at a Music Festival, Medieval Reenactment or Christmas Market. Sometimes it happens by email or phone. Now by blog. This is a first for us and it's rather wonderful.
Andy C Watson, a recent happy customer has blogged about his Hidebound purchase http://noodleburger.com/2016/09/22/beer-leathe[..]