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Complete Your Medieval Look with A Leather Tankard

Medieval Leather Drinking vessels were known as Jacks and were usually black, the origin of the word Blackjack

If you enjoy live action role playing as a medieval character, there’s no better way to complete your look than with a leather tankard from Hidebound.

But that’s not all. These drinking vessels serve a variety of other purposes as well.

Traditional designs

The design of these traditional drinking vessels dates back to the early medieval period when drinking vessels were made from leather.

The drinking vessels offered by Hidebound are made from real leather that is hardened and stitched by hand, prior to being lined with an epoxy resin for waterproofing. This resin is certified for use with alcohol.

The end product looks traditionally simple yet ornate, and feels comfortable to grip and hold. The jacks and tankards feature strong handles and sturdy bases. The base of the tankards is wider than the top for added stability, while the jacks feature more cylindrical designs.

Visually intriguing gifts

These time-tested designs combine traditional character with practicality, and would be great gifts for live-action role-players, historical event re-enactors, or people who just enjoy watching medieval fantasy tv shows.

The tankards and jacks are great to serve beer or ale in, and was how they were traditionally used. The leather goblets feature sturdy wooden bases and are perfect to serve wine, cider or spirits in.

Medieval costume props

Our drinking vessels feature detailed designs that look incredibly authentic and feel like the real deal, to the extent they have been chosen by the props teams of some of the largest recent historical productions in TV, Film and Theatre.

Our various designs are suitable for productions set in the Medieval, Tudor, Viking and Renaissance eras, and have been used by films including Robin Hood, three of the Pirates of the Caribbean films and TV shows such as The Last Kingdom, The Witcher and Game of Thrones.

Halloween props

Consider throwing a medieval or fantasy themed Halloween party this year with a set of leather jacks and tankards from Hidebound. Or if you’d prefer to treat your guests like medieval nobility, you could offer them wine in one of Hidebound’s leather goblets.

Your new drinking vessels are sure to be a hit at your next Halloween party. Especially with fans of fantasy TV shows such as Game of Thrones and The Witcher, which are still very popular.

Get into the spirit of the season and help your friends complete their medieval era look by giving them a leather tankard.

Easy maintenance

The leather drinking vessels offered by Hidebound can continue to look fresh and new for years with the right maintenance. The inside of the vessels can be rinsed using cold water, and the outside can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

The leather can be kept looking pristine and shiny by applying leather balm occasionally.

So consider adding a set of leather drinking vessels to your home to complete your medieval look. You won’t regret it. After all, timeless items never go out of style.