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Hidebound Leather Tankards

  • Tudor Style Tankard

    Tudor Style Tankard

    Modelled on the shape of those recovered from Henry VIII`s flagship the The Mary Rose. The Tudor ...

    Price From £34.00

  • Medieval Jack

    Medieval Jack

    The Traditional Jack of the medieval tavern obtained its name from the material used in its manufact...

    Price From £34.00

  • Goblet


    A wine or cider vessel, mounted on a turned wooden base, to grace any table. Capacity of Goblet -...

    One Size Only £29.00

  • Viking Thumb Beaker

    Viking Thumb Beaker

    A simple, yet practical design. Comfortable in use, the thumb strap allows the vessel to nestle in t...

    One Size Only £33.00

  • Bombard


    Holding two or four pints (approx) these resin lined Bombards, or leather jugs, modelled on those us...

    Price From £105.00

  • Multi Period Jack

    Multi Period Jack

    Holding approximately one pint, this drinking vessel is hand made from one piece of leather for both...

    One Size Only £68.00

  • Shive Beaker

    Shive Beaker

    The leather beaker is mounted on an Ale Cask shive. The shive and the keystone are the two points wh...

    One Size Only £19.00

  • Richard III Boar

    Richard III Boar

    The White Boar was the personal device of King Richard III (2 October 1452 – 22 August 1485). Ben...

    Price From £60.00

  • War Of The Roses

    War Of The Roses

    The War of the Roses refers to various conflicts between 1455 and 1485 between the House of York, th...

    One Size Only £65.00

  • Welsh Dragon -  Hand Carved

    Welsh Dragon - Hand Carved

    A four-footed beast, having the build of a lion, with scaly body, large bat wings, forked tongue and...

    One Size Only £70.00

  • Irish Shamrock - Hand Carved

    Irish Shamrock - Hand Carved

    The Shamrock is a young three leaf clover and one of the national emblems of Ireland.

    One Size Only £63.00

  • Scottish Heraldic Devices

    Scottish Heraldic Devices

    The Scottish Lion Rampant is the distinctive heraldic emblem of the Scottish Royal line. The Scotti...

    Price From £57.00

  • Books of Kells Dog - Hand Carved

    Books of Kells Dog - Hand Carved

    Typical dog motif used extensively in the Book of Kells; Second half of the 8th Century/early 9th Ce...

    One Size Only £70.00

  • Durrow Cross -  Hand Carved

    Durrow Cross - Hand Carved

    The cross is taken from the centre of an ornamental carpet page in the Book of Durrow which is a lat...

    One Size Only £70.00

  • Basket Weave Hand Carved Leather

    Basket Weave Hand Carved Leather

    This hand carved design is a fitting representation of traditional basket weaving.

    One Size Only £76.00

  • Celtic Knot

    Celtic Knot

    Knot work interlacings are peculiar to the Pictish school of Celtic Art. The intricate, mathematical...

    One Size Only £62.00

  • The Green Man

    The Green Man

    A Pagan symbol of fertility also used as decoration in early Christian Churches as a protection agai...

    One Size Only £62.00

  • Pentacle Leather Tankard

    Pentacle Leather Tankard

    When the ancient symbol, the Pentagram, is surrounded by a circle it becomes a Pentacle. We hand ...

    One Size Only £60.00

  • Celtic Knot Serpent

    Celtic Knot Serpent

    Knot work interlacing's are peculiar to the Pictish school of Celtic Art. The intricate, mathematica...

    One Size Only £70.00

  • Tall Ships

    Tall Ships

    The Queen Charlotte was launched at Chatham in 1790 at a length of 190 ft, speed of 10 knots and arm...

    One Size Only £65.00

  • The Stag  Hand Carved

    The Stag Hand Carved

    A male deer, especially of the Red Deer Species, the stag is a noble creature carrying an impressive...

    One Size Only £57.00

  • Birds Of Prey

    Birds Of Prey

    The Kestrel and Owl, both birds of prey, are known as Raptors meaning birds equipped to hunt prey. ...

    One Size Only £60.00

  • Symbolic Hares

    Symbolic Hares

    The Hare evolved on the grassland steppe of central Asia and spread west with Neolithic man. The ori...

    One Size Only £57.00

  • "WR" 1700 Hand Carved

    "WR" 1700 Hand Carved

    Many an Ale wife was pilloried over the centuries for giving short measure by half filling the jack ...

    One Size Only £57.00

  • Commissions


    Custom commissions and one off pieces.

  • Re-Pitching Service Now Available.

    Re-Pitching Service Now Available.

    Sometimes a product will get damaged, and the pitch lining in the vessel can crack. If this should ...

    One Size Only £25.00

Hidebound Leather Tankards

Our unique range of leather drinking vessels are made to historical design and adapted for contemporary use. They can be enjoyed either by anyone with an historical interest or simply for the enjoyment of drinking fine wines and ales from traditional vessels which were only ever made, in this manner, in the British Isles.

All decorated items are individually hand carved and coloured.

We can normally despatch stock items within a few days but will email you if stock levels mean that we may have to take a little longer.

If you have any specific requirements type them into the order form comments box, or email us prior to placing the order.

If you prefer to place your order by telephone ring us on +(44)01833 908088 between the hours of 9am and 4pm Mon - Fri.


Hidebound has had the pleasure of supplying leather drinking vessels for several films and television series. The first supply was a shipment to the Burbank Studios in Hollywood for use in the first three productions of Pirates of the Caribbean. More recently we have supplied Game of Thrones, Snow White and the Huntsman, Robin Hood (2010), The Last Kingdom and most recently Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018).