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Leather Drinking Vessels

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Leather Tankards

Our unique range of leather drinking vessels are made to historical design and adapted for contemporary use. They can be enjoyed either by anyone with an historical interest or simply for the enjoyment of drinking fine wines and ales from traditional vessels which were only ever made, in this manner, in the British Isles.

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Trinket Leaves

Trinket Leaves

Trinket Leaves are intended to hold anything you wish. The perfect gift for him or her, to hold earrings, jewellery, coins, keys, plectrums, or just for decoration. Each leaf is unique so you will always be assured that yours will be an original work.

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Leaf Bowls

Leaf Bowls

An original bowl, made especially for you, using the colour combinations you choose.  Your bowl will not be an exact replication of the one you choose, but will be the same shape and colour combinations.  Your bowl will be a true individual.

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Over 25 years
of expertise

Over 21 years of expertise since Hidebound Ltd started hand manufacturing, we have successfully reintroduced an historical product which was mainly made in the UK. Over the years, original methods of manufacture have been incorporated in to our hand production and our love of history has been enhanced by our growing knowledge of original ways of working

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A History of Leather Drinking Vessels

Leather has been used to make drinking vessels since Viking times. Our range of historically based full grain leather handmade drinking vessels are adapted for contemporary use & may be viewed here.

Leather was used at the same time as glass, pewter and pottery. Cheaper than glass and pewter, light in weight and not as breakable as pottery.

The Hidebound product range goes to the heart of the original British tradition, yet all our full grain leather luxuries are intended for today's use and enjoyment.

For more information regarding the History of the Leather Drinking Vessel, click here.