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About Hidebound

About Hidebound

Who Are Hidebound?

Hidebound Ltd is the result of an original partnership between Gillian Sewell and Stephen Roberts, based on the North Pennines in Upper Teesdale.

They were later joined by Stephen`s daughter, Sarah. The Team is complimented by four others living around the dale, who ably assist with the vast amount of hand stitching necessary.

Hidebound is situated in the area at the conjunction of Co. Durham, North Yorkshire and Cumbria which, centuries ago, was of the Kingdom of Northumbria, meaning all that land north of the Humber.

The High Pennines are bleak in winter, grand in summer and rich in history. Our village castle as shown in the photograph was built during the reign of Henry II.

We have learned, over the years, that the most successful way of achieving the high standards necessary is to constantly bounce ideas amongst the team. This makes the product a truly team effort, incorporating a love for the natural materials used which still have much to offer.