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Relive a Bygone Era with a Leather Tankard

Carved leather tankards which were used extensively throughout history, now updated for modern use

Want to travel back in time? Relive a bygone era with a leather tankard from Hidebound Ltd. These traditional drinking vessels convey the historic, rustic look of the old country, and are sure to transport you to another time.

Drinking vessels made from leather have been in use since the early medieval period. They were considered practical, durable, and did their job of holding drinks well.

Leather has been widely available throughout history, so it made sense to create all sorts of items from it, including tankards, jacks, goblets and other drinking vessels. The ability to harden leather enhanced the durability of these drinking vessels made them very popular from medieval times to the early 20th century.

Hidebound’s tankards, jacks, and goblets are all made from full grained leather and are stitched by hand. This leather is worked into the shape of a container while it is wet, before being hardened through air drying.

The inside of medieval drinking vessels was traditionally lined with boiled birch tree sap to make them watertight. Hidebound use a modern resin for the inside of their drinking vessels. This resin has been certified for use with alcohol and is completely safe to use.

The tankards and jacks resemble pint glasses made from leather, with a few differences. The base of the Tudor tankard is wider than their top, for added stability. The medieval jack is typically cylindrical being a simpler shape to make in medieval times.

The handles on these vessels are also made from leather, which feels comfortable to grip and hold. Hidebound’s tankards and jacks come in approximate half and full pint sizes.

Hidebound also make bombards, which are jugs or pitchers made from leather. These were traditionally used to carry drinks from the cellar to the dining table for serving. Hidebound’s bombards can hold up to four pints.

Renaissance goblets are also available from Hidebound. These vessels feature a conical cup shape that has been mounted onto a wooden base. They approximately half a pint.

The tankards and jacks are great for serving beer, ale or cider, while the goblets are ideal for serving wine, cider, and spirits.

Some of the jacks and tankards offered by Hidebound feature decorative patterns and emblems on their sides. Each of these emblem designs has an interesting history behind it and is beautiful to look at.  Hidebound can also create personal commissions featuring your choice of image. So, if you would like your own coat of arms, or simply your favourite image on your drinking vessel, then Hidebound can help you. Just make sure you own the copyright of the image of have the image owner’s written permission to recreate it.

In addition to their stunning appearance, these drinking vessels are also incredibly easy to clean and maintain. The inside can be rinsed using cold water, and the outer leather can be cleaned using a damp cloth. The leather on these drinking vessels can also be kept looking fresh and shiny by applying leather balm occasionally.

Enjoy a blast from the past with one of Hidebound’s leather tankards. They’re great to own or to give as gifts. Check out the various styles and designs available for sale on the Hidebound’s website.