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Product Description


Due to our recent change of lining, this product is currently unavailable. It will be reinstated as soon as possible.


Our drinking vessels are lined with either an epoxy resin or alternatively brewers pitch. Click here for more information within the Internal Lining section of our Facts page.

Pitch or resin lined Bombards, or leather jugs, modelled on those used in Ale Houses and country houses with their own brewing facility where ale would be brought to the table from the cellar. They were also used in Elizabethan Hospital and have an integral handle for greater strength.

Capacity of Large Bombard 4 pints approx with height 29 cm approx.

Capacity of Small Bombard 2 pints approx with height 24 cm approx.

As seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story, the Pirates of the Caribbean films, Robin Hood (2010) and The Last Kingdom to name a few.


We always work to ensure we have all items in stock. However, some of our items can take up to two weeks to create. Please do use our Contact Us page if you are in a hurry and would like to check our stock levels before ordering.


Facts about our Bombard

  • Hidebound bombards are water, or beer, proofed and intended for use with cold liquids only.
  • All UK sourced.
  • Hand crafted and stitched.
  • Handmade in EnglandHandmade in England

Product Personalisation

If you would like your drinking vessel personalised, we can either Carve or Engrave it for you.

Click here for a description of Engraving and Carving