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Leather Tankards Handmade in Barnard Castle

A clear view of Barnard Castle County Durham

Barnard Castle is the home of Hidebound.  Our delightful town has not changed much after so many Cummings and goings and is still a pleasant place to work and live.  This is particularly so after we realised that there is so much visual benefit in the town which had never previously been known locally.  It takes national news to make one understand that your hometown can hold its head up high without the help of spectacles.  It also makes the point that there are so many opticians in the town which may not all be necessary.  Or are they?

Recent publicity may well be a reason for an uplift in interest to move to Barnard Castle.  If that is in your minds you can visit us plus and Barnard Castle Brewing Co the local brewery in Quakers Yard and sample the delights which you will obviously see far more clearly having “taken the waters” in the town or, as is far more appropriate, taken the ale and particularly from a Hidebound leather tankard jack or goblet.  A visual person is one who learns best through seeing things and there is plenty to see in Barnard Castle, obviously the eyesight centre of the country.