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Add Some Rustic Character to Your Home Bar With These Beer Tankards Made From Leather

Leather bombards, similar to pitchers handmade by Hidebound. Two- & four-pint versions.

Everyone dreams of owning a home bar at some point. They offer a tempting refuge for people within their own homes, and function as a nucleus for social gatherings.


People often customize their home bars with items and memorabilia that reflect their tastes and hobbies. You could spend months perusing through a variety of styles and designs for your home bar, in search of a layout that’s both functional and unique, before settling on one that fits your preferences.


Some people prefer to go for sleek and modern designs that convey a sense of wealth and luxury. Others prefer designs that convey warmth and familiarity. These bars can include rustic looking countertops made of reclaimed wood.


A well-finished reclaimed wood countertop can add traditional and organic looking elements to any home bar. These period designs can look stunning when done right, especially when they are paired with rustic looking drinkware.

There’s no shortage of traditional drinking vessel styles that could complement the visual tone of your home bar. Drinkware which is modelled on drinking vessels from the Viking, Medieval and Tudor ages are especially popular with home bar owners looking for interesting ways to present and consume their drinks.


If you’d like your bar to convey the look of a Viking tavern, you could get Viking Thumb Beakers. These beakers are great to display on your home bar’s shelves, and are also fun to serve drinks in.


Drinking vessels made of leather could be of interest to home bar owners who want their bar to radiate a more medieval or old-country look. Hidebound offers a variety of drinking vessels that are made of hand-stitched full grain leather, including tankards, jacks, goblets, and bombards.


These vessels were traditionally treated internally with black, boiled, birch tree sap to form a waterproof lining. However, their more modern variants, such as the ones offered by Hidebound Ltd are lined with a resin that is certified for use with alcohol.


Such drinking vessels add an authentic look to your rustic home bar and can also make the drinking experience more enjoyable. The leather used in these tankards, jacks, goblets, and bombards is comfortable to hold, and feels great to grip.

The tankards and jacks come in full pint and half size pints, making them great for serving beers and ales. The bombards can hold up to four pints, which makes them great for pouring drinks.


The goblets offered by Hidebound are great for serving stronger drinks such as wines or spirits. They’re sure to be a hit at your next Lord of the Rings or Witcher themed party. The creativity of your home bar is only limited by your imagination.


Drinking vessels made of leather are timeless and can really add character to your home bar. So deck out your bar with some of the leather drinking vessels from Hidebound Ltd, and immerse yourself in another era.