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Make Your Next Dungeons & Dragons Party a Hit with These Leather Tankards

These leather tankards and jacks could be fun additions to Dungeons and Dragons and fantasy themed parties

If you’re interested in adding some interesting props to your Dungeons & Dragons parties, you should consider getting some leather tankards from Hidebound. They are modelled on various leather drinking vessels used from the medieval period onwards and could be great additions to your next Dungeon & Dragons party.

These leather drinking vessels are as functional as they are stylish. Their intriguing traditional appearance is sure to draw the attention of your group’s other players, as you sip your favourite drink.

Get into character as a nobleman who sips only the finest wines from their leather goblet, or a knight who takes a gulp of ale from their favourite tankard after every victory.


If you’d like all your players to get into character, you could order a set of drinking vessels from Hidebound. They offer leather drinking vessels in the following styles and sizes:


●       Jacks: These are cylindrical shaped and feature a strong leather handle. Available in approximate half pint and full pint sizes.

●       Tankards: Tudor style tankards that feature a base that is wider than the top, for added stability. Available in approximate half pint and full pint sizes

●       Goblets: A conical container that is mounted on a turned wooden base. Holds up to approximately half a pint.

●       Bombards: Similar to large jugs or pitchers. Holds up to four pints.

●       Shive Beakers: Similar in shape to a Saxon beaker and mounted on a cask shive. Holds up to approximately half a pint.

●       Viking Thumb Beakers: Cylindrical shaped with thumb straps. Holds up to approximately half a pint.


A medieval-style drinking vessel made from leather would fit right in at your Dungeons & Dragons game nights. The jacks, goblets, and bombards offered by Hidebound Ltd look unique and interesting, while conveying the spirit of another era.

Serve your players beer and ale in the jacks and bombards. Alternatively serve wine, cider, or even “elixir” cocktails in goblets to revitalize parched players. The possibilities are limitless!

The drinking vessels offered by Hidebound are sure to increase your immersion in your fantasy world. Each one is made from full grain leather that is stitched by hand for that medieval period fantasy feel.

Leather carving is used on some of the jacks and tankards for historical emblems or patterns, which could serve as fun objects to create in-game lore around.

These drinking vessels are made from high quality UK sourced materials and are comfortable to grip and hold. The inside can be washed using cold water, while the outer leather can be cleaned using a damp cloth. Your Hidebound product can look fresh for years with minimal maintenance.

So make your next Dungeons & Dragons party a memorable one by bringing out a set of leather tankards from Hidebound. Check out the various designs they have available, and pick some exciting ones that could take your game to the next level.