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Tankard vs Jack vs Goblet - What’s the Difference?

Popular drinking vessels included Tudor Leather tankard, Medieval Leather jack, and a Renaissance Leather goblet as pictured.Tankard vs Jack vs Goblet - What’s the Difference?

Drinking vessels of all shapes and sizes have existed throughout history. Many of the vessels used during the medieval and Tudor period were made from hand-stitched leather, similar to the leather drinking vessels offered by Hidebound Ltd today.

Leather drinking vessels gained popularity during the early medieval period and were available in a variety of styles. They were seen as practical and durable alternatives to vessels made of clay or stone.

Hidebound offer a number of leather drinking vessels such as tankards, jacks, and goblets that are recreations of drinking vessels used from early medieval, through Tudor to renaissance times.  They were still used in both the mining and steel making industries until the early 20th century to combat both hot and coal dusty atmospheres.

Each of these drinking vessels is unique in design and serves a different purpose. So, it may be helpful to understand how they differ from one another.

Medieval Jacks

Jacks were cylindrical drinking vessels that were widely used during the medieval period. Similar to tankards, they featured large handles for gripping. However, unlike Tankards, their bases were the same width as their rims. 

The name “jack” was derived from “jack-leather”, a term used to describe the hardened leather from which jacks were made. 

Hidebound offers a variety of jacks with intricate patterns and beautiful emblem designs visible on their front. They are ideal to serve beer and ale in.

Tudor Tankards

Tankards in the medieval period were made from all sorts of material such as pewter, clay, silver, and of course - leather.

Tankards in Tudor times were designed so that their base was wider than their top, for added stability which particularly assisted on board ship, hence examples found on the wreck of the Mary Rose. They came with large handles that were made of the same leather material as their bodies.

The tankards offered by Hidebound have bodies and handles made from high-quality full grained leather that are stitched by hand. These tankards are great for serving beer and ale and cider.

Renaissance Goblets

Goblets were commonly associated with royalty and nobility during the medieval period. These drinking vessels were often used for the consumption of wines, which only the rich and wealthy could afford.

The medieval renaissance goblets offered by Hidebound feature a conical cup shaped container made from hardened leather that is mounted onto a wooden base. They can hold up to   approximately half a pint, and are great to serve wine, cider, and spirits.

Each of the drinking vessels offered by Hidebound is available in multiple colours. They are lined internally with a resin for waterproofing. This resin is certified for use with alcohol and can be repaired if the lining cracks.

These drinking vessels are also incredibly easy to clean and maintain. The inside can be rinsed out using cold water, and the outer leather can be cleaned using a damp cloth. The leather can also be kept looking fresh and shiny by applying leather balm occasionally.

Expand your drinking glass collection with a unique looking leather tankard, jack or goblet from Hidebound. Their traditional rustic look may be just what your collection has been missing.