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Hidebound Leather Drinking Vessels in Films, Television and Theatre productions.

We here at Hidebound are proud to have a glitzy side as well as a thriving retail and wholesale business.  We have supplied numerous pieces of period leather work as props for several Film, Television and Theatre productions.

Our Tankards, Jacks, Bombards and other drinking vessels can be seen in Pirates of the Caribbean (the first three films), Robin Hood (2010) by Ridley Scott and Snow White and the Huntsman to name a few.

Television productions featuring our Tankards, Goblets, Jacks, Bombards and other drinking vessels include, Game of Thrones, Atlantis, Longitude and……………… Ah, nope, we can’t mention the last one yet. Check back here for updates regarding an eagerly anticipated upcoming Television release featuring our drinking vessels!

So if you spot a leather drinking vessel in any future Film or Television productions, they could well be ours. If you see one, let us know, because we don’t always get to find out who’s using our leather ware, but it’s always fantastic if we spot it.