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Tudor Style Tankard

From £32.00

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Product Description

Modelled on the shape of those recovered from Henry VIII`s flagship the The Mary Rose.

The Tudor Style tankard is broad based for shipboard stability and has become the traditional tankard shape.

Large Tankard height - Approximately 15cms with capacity approximately one pint.

Small Tankard height - Approximately 11cms with capacity approximately half a pint.

As seen in the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Tankard Size Comparison

Facts about our Leather Drinking Vessels

  • Hidebound leather drinking vessels are water, or beer, proofed and intended for use with cold liquids only.
  • All UK sourced.
  • Hand crafted and stitched.
  • Handmade in EnglandHandmade in England

Product Personalisation

If you would like your drinking vessel personalised, we can either Carve or Engrave it for you.

Click here for a description of Engraving and Carving