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Our unique range of leather drinking vessels are made to historical design and adapted for contemporary use. They can be enjoyed either by anyone with an historical interest or simply for the enjoyment of drinking fine wines and ales from traditional vessels which were only ever made, in this manner, in the British isles.

Historically, the earliest design we make is a Saxon Beaker or Keystone Beaker. This is followed by a Viking Thumb Beaker which is swiftly followed by a Medieval Jack being the traditional vessel used in ale houses.

In Tudor times, designs changed to an extent, which change is reflected in our Tudor Tankard based on the shape of those found on the wreck of the Mary Rose. Our range is complemented by way of Bombards, or Elizabethan Water Jugs, used both for water or for bringing up ale from the cellar. We prefer to use them at garden barbeques.

The Hidebound product range goes to the heart of the original British tradition, yet all our leather drinking vessels are intended for today`s use and enjoyment.

Browse the Product Pages where all vessels are described in more detail and can be purchased by way of our on line order form which is Certified Secure by way of the Streamline PCI DSS Compliance Procedure.

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