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Re-Pitching Service. Currently unavailable.


Product Description

As we are no longer able to obtain Brewer's Pitch, we have had to remove this service for the moment. We are however still hoping that we will be able to reinstate the service, possibly using our alternative resin lining.

We'll let you know what is possible as soon as we can.

Sometimes a product will get damaged, and the pitch lining in the vessel can crack.  If this should happen we do offer a re-pitching service, which is £17.10 per item, inclusive of return postage within the UK.

To re-pitch your tankard we must first remove your old pitch. This is done with the careful application of heat. Sometimes heat may irretrievably alter the shape and appearance of leather. Whilst we make every effort to avoid this, it is an unavoidable hazard.

Any re-pitching work will be undertaken only with the owner’s acceptance of this risk.

When you place your order you will be asked for a delivery address if different from your payment details address, please ensure this is correctly completed.  Once your order has been processed you will receive a confirmation email giving you an order number.  Please enclose your order number and confirmation of the return delivery address, when you send your product for repair.


Please send you drinking vessel to:

Hidebound Ltd
Quaker Yard
Rear of 24 Newgate
Barnard Castle
Co. Durham
DL12 8NG
United Kingdom


Facts about our Leather Drinking Vessels

  • Hidebound leather drinking vessels are water, or beer, proofed and intended for use with cold liquids only.
  • All UK sourced.
  • Hand crafted and stitched.
  • Handmade in EnglandHandmade in England

Product Personalisation

If you would like your drinking vessel personalised, we can either Carve or Engrave it for you.

Click here for a description of Engraving and Carving