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August 2020 Archive

Relive a Bygone Era with a Leather Tankard

Want to travel back in time? Relive a bygone era with a leather tankard from Hidebound Ltd. These traditional drinking vessels convey the historic, rustic look of the old country, and are sure to transport you to another time.
Drinking vessels made from leather have been in use since the early medieval period. They were considered practical, durable, and did their job of holding drinks well.
Leather has been widely available throughout history, so it made sense to create all sorts of items[..]

Make Your Next Dungeons & Dragons Party a Hit with These Leather Tankards

If you’re interested in adding some interesting props to your Dungeons & Dragons parties, you should consider getting some leather tankards from Hidebound. They are modelled on various leather drinking vessels used from the medieval period onwards and could be great additions to your next Dungeon & Dragons party.
These leather drinking vessels are as functional as they are stylish. Their intriguing traditional appearance is sure to draw the attention of your group’s other [..]